…thank you for all your help, it has been a tremendous support, at what has been such a stressful period of my life. You have provided an insight to how I deal (or don’t deal) with things. I feel very lucky to have had this time.


I just wanted to say a huge, heartfelt thank you for all of your help over the past few months.  I honestly think that the work we have done together has helped me so much; not only to see scenarios differently but to anticipate them and deal with them in a more positive, constructive way, not only for myself but for the others I love.


My time with Paul has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. He gave me the space to be truly honest with no judgement, where I felt safe to try and understand myself and the difficulties I have faced. He helped me to find strength in myself to heal and embrace self-compassion and forgiveness. His concern and support were always present. I will never forget what he has done to help me in my journey.


I am going to miss our sessions, you have been a wonderful constant in my life that has helped me get to this point in my journey. You will always be in my thoughts and my heart.


I never expected to find myself so low.
I never expected to find myself at your door.
I never expected to find myself.
Forever grateful.


I can’t thank you enough for your help, I really couldn’t be where I am now without you, so thanks for absolutely everything.


You’ve been a breath of fresh air to me and a huge support. I was a mess when we first met and was (literally) crying out to be heard and understood. You listened calmly and without judgment, helped me to feel understood and most importantly have helped me to understand myself better.

I feel like I’ve found myself again. I know I am a good mum, good wife, good friend, good person: ultimately I feel like I am enough. Things are getting better and I am confident they will continue to do so as I feel positive, and do not intend to let that go!


Paul helped me so much. Unlike some other counsellors; he joined in, actually spoke and suggested why I was feeling like I was! Once I realised this, I began to resurface and found the real me again. A lovely, gentle man, who in another world could have easily been my best friend! Stop reading this and call him. You will see yourself in a totally different light. Thanks Paul.


I feel so fortunate to have plucked you out of the Googlephere.  I am feeling mostly positive and I am focusing on building myself up, being pragmatic, accepting that pain is part of this wonderful life and that I am not afraid of it, and not needing comfort or protection – mostly.  I sincerely thank you for your influence and effective, gentle provocation.


Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and support.  It’s not an exaggeration to say you’ve completely changed my life!


I am very grateful for the support you were able to provide. Our work has really helped me to understand and accept myself better. I feel a lot stronger for it and with time, I believe I have managed to create a happy bubble around me that I now know how to preserve; not perfectly but almost!


Working with you has been enlightening, intriguing, hard and yet brilliant.  You are a very gentle, intelligent and wise person who has had a huge impact on me and I am sure we will remain in contact for years to come.


Thank you so much for listening to me over recent months and for your thoughtful patient words.  It really has been helpful to me during this most traumatic period of my life.


Our sessions have given me so much insight into my ‘self’. I am practicing keeping the Freedom-fighter and Rebel parts of me in very close working distance, which has helped me to feel a lot better within. I’m gradually enjoying my own company, which feels uplifting and refreshing.

Thank you so much for helping me to find ways to untangle the chaos that was residing in me.


I have worked with several therapists over the years, but I found Paul’s calm, relaxed and deeply relational approach helped me to access a new kind of thinking. Paul’s way of working gave me new insights to my inner processes and has helped me shake off some of my more deep rooted anxieties.

I would highly recommend Paul, especially to those open to the idea that we are made up of many aspects of ourselves. Looking at those different aspects; where they came from and what they need, helps one function at a more self-compassionate level; and for me, this has been a revelation!


I first met Paul when I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious to the point I was suffering from insomnia.

Speaking to Paul was the greatest relief. Not only is he wonderfully non-judgmental, so I felt safe and open to discuss all my thoughts, feelings and fears, but he is extremely quick to understand situations and see what is important, to ask the right questions and to truly listen. He quickly brought clarity and logic to the frustration of my muddled and exhausted mind and was always so patient with me as we worked our way through my upsets and concerns to find answers and solutions.

Paul is a true professional who is clearly very experienced in his field and helped me more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Paul.


I went to Paul during the most difficult time of my life, as I was having a very frightening mental breakdown from PTSD and anxiety attacks. It was a hard decision going to a counsellor but I knew I needed to do something. Once I had started our sessions things began to get easier and I always felt relief afterwards. Paul is a very patient and kind person who has had a big positive impact on my life.


Paul immediately put me at ease by listening and offering his observations from the very first session. I was struck by how he makes detailed notes, and continuously refers to them throughout the therapy sessions. This was a reassuring sign that someone actually cares and is willing to refer back to previous information to make solid connections around my tendencies and habits. I also received some pre-therapy notes from Paul to ensure I got the best from the therapy experience, which put me immediately in the right frame of mind for personal observation and reflection. Having been in therapy with Paul for 16 weeks, my mental transformation has been incredible. I took personal action throughout the therapy duration, which reflected the life I wanted and spoke about. Without Paul’s facilitation during this time, I would likely still feel stuck and foggy-minded. Thank you Paul for uncovering my subpersonalities so that I can move forward with confidence and happiness.


Having never seen a therapist before I was uncertain to say the least, albeit I recognised I needed something given where my marriage was and how I was dealing with that. My sessions with Paul quickly became something I looked forward to. Paul’s calm manner and gently structured approach enabled me to understand more about myself than I thought was possible, which has given me greater strength and confidence.


I have been seeing Paul weekly for over 6 month and he has been instrumental in helping me build ‘a better me’ so to speak. His patience and non-judgmental approach put me at ease and made me feel comfortable opening up and engaging in self reflection. He has used different techniques to explore the inner workings of my persona and make me look at things from a  different perspective. Thanks Paul!


I got a lot better from working with Paul, which I am very grateful for.  I found him very patient, warm, helpful and easy to talk to.  He got me to see things from a  different perspective (not easy) and break bad thought habits, which made a large and positive change.  I am pleased to have found Paul, and recommend him.


Paul was an oasis in a cocaine storm which was threatening my marriage, my family and my career. Looking back I was circling the drain. His easy going manner, clear understanding and care really allow you to open up and cut through to your particular problem. To understand the underlying issues you have and to work on them, to grow and to get to what really matters. His help enabled me to find calm and a little bit of myself, he also helped me develop coping techniques and understand the triggers. I’m 3 months clean and I’m happily rebuilding my life. I have been in situations where drugs were prevalent and not been tempted, I know who I am and what I am and Paul helped with that. I can’t thank him enough.


I wanted to let you know that I put myself “out there” and got myself a job.  I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to go for interviews before the time I spent with you. So I guess the reason for my email is also to say thank you for working with me. Oh, and a big thank you for the meditations on your website!  I actually used one just before my interview yesterday as I began to feel very nervous and panicky.  I really wanted to share my gratitude.


I was filled with mixed emotions when I first approached you. However, knowing that I was at the lowest point of my life, and given the state of my marriage, I felt that I desperately needed help.  From the first moment we spoke, I felt immediately that you would able to provide help and support. Over the next few weeks and months this view never changed. I was grateful for the assistance you were able to give.  These sessions were emotionally challenging, never easy but I was comforted by the fact that there were never any judgements made.  Instead we were able to explore together some of the underlying issues, as difficult as they were to face up to. You were able to help me consider alternative mechanisms that could be deployed to help me overcome the challenges and to start to piece together the healing process. Certainly there were aspects of my psyche which were previously unexplored and you helped me identity these, recognise them for what they were, and to understand both the positive and the negative affects these were having; on both myself and those who are dearest to me.

 I don’t believe that I would be where I am now without you.


Keep that warmth and continue to be an inspiration. You have the patience of a saint. I will miss your calming spirit.


The sessions gave me a place to talk about my fears.  It has been a great help.


The sessions with Paul helped me to see what was affecting my moods and that I could do something about it.  I feel so much calmer now.


I find Paul to be warm, genuine, compassionate, intelligent, open, and responsive. He freely gives of his time and is a great help. An honest and tremendously thoughtful person in my life. Kind too.


Paul’s experience, patience and counsel has helped me in uncovering the roots and causes of my emotional setbacks and in effecting truly positive change in my thinking and living. I am very grateful.


Many thanks Paul, I  have really appreciated your help throughout. It has certainly helped me on my road to recovery.


I was very pleased with my experience.  I’ve never had someone remind me so well that the reality I am in is manageable.

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