I went to Paul during the most difficult time of my life, as I was having a very frightening mental breakdown from PTSD and anxiety attacks. It was a hard decision going to a counsellor but I knew I needed to do something. Once I had started our sessions things began to get easier and I always felt relief afterwards. Paul is a very patient and kind person who has had a big positive impact on my life.


Having never seen a therapist before I was uncertain to say the least, albeit I recognised I needed something given where my marriage was and how I was dealing with that. My sessions with Paul quickly became something I looked forward to. Paul’s calm manner and gently structured approach enabled me to understand more about myself than I thought was possible, which has given me greater strength and confidence.


I got a lot better from working with Paul, which I am very grateful for.  I found him very patient, warm, helpful and easy to talk to.  He got me to see things from a  different perspective (not easy) and break bad thought habits, which made a large and positive change.  I am pleased to have found Paul, and recommend him.


Paul was an oasis in a cocaine storm which was threatening my marriage, my family and my career. Looking back I was circling the drain. His easy going manner, clear understanding and care really allow you to open up and cut through to your particular problem. To understand the underlying issues you have and to work on them, to grow and to get to what really matters. His help enabled me to find calm and a little bit of myself, he also helped me develop coping techniques and understand the triggers. I’m 3 months clean and I’m happily rebuilding my life. I have been in situations where drugs were prevalent and not been tempted, I know who I am and what I am and Paul helped with that. I can’t thank him enough.


I was filled with mixed emotions when I first approached you. However, knowing that I was at the lowest point of my life, and given the state of my marriage, I felt that I desperately needed help.  From the first moment we spoke, I felt immediately that you would able to provide help and support. Over the next few weeks and months this view never changed. I was grateful for the assistance you were able to give.  These sessions were emotionally challenging, never easy but I was comforted by the fact that there were never any judgements made.  Instead we were able to explore together some of the underlying issues, as difficult as they were to face up to. You were able to help me consider alternative mechanisms that could be deployed to help me overcome the challenges and to start to piece together the healing process. Certainly there were aspects of my psyche which were previously unexplored and you helped me identity these, recognise them for what they were, and to understand both the positive and the negative affects these were having; on both myself and those who are dearest to me.

 I don’t believe that I would be where I am now without you.


Keep that warmth and continue to be an inspiration. You have the patience of a saint. I will miss your calming spirit.


The sessions gave me a place to talk about my fears.  It has been a great help.


The sessions with Paul helped me to see what was affecting my moods and that I could do something about it.  I feel so much calmer now.


I find Paul to be warm, genuine, compassionate, intelligent, open, and responsive. He freely gives of his time and is a great help. An honest and tremendously thoughtful person in my life. Kind too.


Paul’s experience, patience and counsel has helped me in uncovering the roots and causes of my emotional setbacks and in effecting truly positive change in my thinking and living. I am very grateful.


Many thanks Paul, I  have really appreciated your help throughout. It has certainly helped me on my road to recovery.


I was very pleased with my experience.  I’ve never had someone remind me so well that the reality I am in is manageable.

Wellbeing Centre, SW10

Paul is a highly professional counsellor in his approach to both staff and clients. He has an extremely calm demeanour which translates well to clients. Our clients felt comfortable and safe and able to explore and express their feelings.

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